Princeton Resorts Group, LLC ("PRG") is an Arizona-based commercial real-estate development and investment firm dedicated to creating vibrant and flourishing communities.

Founded in 2001 by Neil S. Cumsky, the company takes a focused and integrated approach to all aspects of commercial real estate development, with a particular concentration on hospitality and resort development.         

Princeton Resorts Group has grown over the years to encompass an efficient team of highly experienced, talented, and deeply loyal industry professionals with a passion for creating vibrant communities that enhance local cultures and respect natural environments.



PRG Mission

The mission of Princeton Resorts Group is to create environments in which individuals can reach their highest potential, families can realize the joys of discovery, relaxation and laughter in each other's company, and neighborhood residents and visitors can meet in a spirit of community.

Externally, our mission is reflected in developments that are uniquely indigenous to the sites they occupy, that offer comfort and relaxation but also surprises and excitement.  Internally, our mission is reflected in a corporate culture that celebrates the potential of each individual and the magic that can result when those individuals work harmoniously in the pursuit of common goals.

PRG's "Quill Principles"

  • Q - Quality in everything we do and in every aspect of our efforts.
  • U - Understanding the desires of our customers and the needs of our colleagues.
  • I  -  Integrity in all of our actions and in all of our relations.
  • L -  Loyalty to our customers, to our partners and to each other.
  • L - Leadership in our community and in our industry.

"Persistence, flexibility, and good humor."

-PRG's guiding motto